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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long is the warranty on the H2D Hair Care Professional Styling Tools? 

All of the H2D Hair Care Professional Styling Tools come with a t replacement warranty! We don’t repair any of our styling tools. automatically replace them.

Can I use my H2D Hair Care Professional Styling Tools overseas? 

You absolutely can! All of the H2D Hair Care Professional Styling Tools are dual voltage meaning you can use them anywhere.

(This excludes the H2D Max Duo Hair Dryer - Please also note the H2D Xtreme can not be used in the USA)


Do the H2D Hair Care Professional Styling Tools have a sleep mode function. 

Yes, all of the H2D Hair Care Professional Styling Tools have a sleep mode function.



Linear II Hair Straightener 

What’s the buzzing noise I can hear in my H2D hair straightener? 

The H2D Hair Care Linear II Hair straighteners have an ionic generator component. It is u for your straightener to make a buzzing sound. Please don't worry!

My H2D Straightener plates don't seem to meet.

That's perfectly normal. All H2D hair straighteners have floating ceramic plates. When the hair straightener is turned off and not in use, there will be a large gap between the plates.  Once the straightener is turned on, the gap between the plates will close up but not completely. Our technology ensures that the ceramic plates never touch one another and cause damage to the plates. Instead, the hair will glide through the floating plates. 

Is the temperature adjustable in the H2D Linear II Straighteners?

All H2D Linear II models have adjustable temperature control. 0-230 degrees. 

What are the plates made out of?

The Linear II range has ceramic plates. 




Curling Wand 

Why does Error appear on my H2D Hair Care Professional Curling Wand?

"Error" will only ever appear when your ceramic barrels have not been inserted into the hand unit correctly. It is essential to make sure that the barrels are pushed the whole way to generate a secure electrical connection. If the word “error” appears when in use, please turn the curler off and ensure that the barrel is inserted correctly. If the word “error” is still showing, please check all other attachments and then contact us directly. 

Do I need to use the padlock on the curling wand hand unit? 

Absolutely! If the barrel is not locked securely in place, it could fall out If held in a downwards position. If you are struggling to lock the barrel into place, please get in touch with H2D immediately to seek assistance. 

My Curling Wand will not lock?

If your curling wand does not lock into the closed padlock position, barrel attachment is not inserted correctly. It is e to make sure that the barrel is correctly inserted. Push your barrel into the hand unit. Using the Curling Wand whilst unlocked is a safety risk and m the product. 


Is there a difference between the colours of the products?

No, all of the H2D Hair Care Professional Styling Tools have the same technology; the only difference is the colour.

Is the temperature adjustable in the H2D Curling Wands?

All H2D Curling Wand models have adjustable temperature control. 0-230 degrees. 



How many speed setting does the XTREME have?

The XTREME has three speed settings. 

What attachments come with the XTREME?

The XTREME has five attachments in total. In the box you will find the following attachments.

  • Diffuser
  • Air Concentrator
  • Smoothing Attachment 
  • Two Barrels with alternative air flow (up & down)

What are the temperature settings on the XTREME?

The XTREME has three template settings as well as a cool shot. The settings are 60 degrees, 90 degrees and 120 degrees. 

Can the XTREME be used in the USA?

No unfortunately not. Due to the motor power in the XTREME it can not be used in the United States of America.





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